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Jennifer Price Logo by Erika Firm

Jennifer Price graphic design by Erika Firm

Jennifer Price Studio by Analog

Jennifer Price Studio by Analog

Jennifer Price Studio website by Erika Firm


Jennifer Price Studio is a curated collection of industrial furniture, vintage ephemera, objets d’art and original artwork. Founder Jennifer Price’s love of antiquing, interior design and crafting combine in her curious and creative retail shop, located in the trendy Cedros Design District in Solana Beach, California. 

A pioneer of the urban industrial eclectic look, Jennifer Price Studio’s branding had to reflect its roots and feel like it had been around forever, yet have a modern appeal. Founder Jen loves vintage office supplies, ephemera and all things paper, so going with fonts that have been around since the letterpress era was a no brainer. Breaking our usual rule of no more than two fonts in a logo, we combined four traditional fonts for a rich, storied and eclectic feel. The color palette evokes concrete and steel, two of Jen’s favorite materials. One of our favorite details is a self-inking rubber stamp for price tags, sized to fit on industrial looking tags. Because Jen’s inventory rotates so quickly, and because she needs a lot of space to write product details, we designed a rubber stamp that she can easily “kerchunk” onto large off-the-shelf tags. The tags have been around for ages, so they blend seamlessly into her product display.

We carried Jen’s love of texture into her website, with its fun canvas backdrop. Since Jen’s background is as a photographer, we were sure to design a website with lots of space for large photographs. We taught Jen how to upload and update her WordPress website by herself, so she can keep her product photos up to date and her inventory fresh.

Some products we designed for Jen include oversized, square letterpressed business cards, traditional format, flat printed business cards, post cards, eblasts and digital advertisement templates, website, blog, social media avatars, hang tags and rubber stamps. We just love how everything turned out, and Jen reports that the business cards disappear within minutes of displaying them in the shop!


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