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Isabella Smith Logo by Erika Firm

Isabella Smith Seed Packaging

Isabella Smith Apothecary product design by Erika Firm



Knithouse Logo by Analog Creative co.

Knithouse Logo by Analog Creative co.

Knithouse Logo by Analog Creative co.


Isabella Smith is a powerhouse brand in Europe. The brand encompasses Isabella Smith Apothecary, Isabella Smith Country Store, Maison Belle, Moira, Townhouse, Veranda and Isabella Smith labels, just to name a few; products include magazines, tv and radio shows, catalogs, retail stores, bath and body products, textiles and home goods. We’ve worked closely with Isabella for more than five years on numerous brand launches, product designs, packaging projects and brand refreshes. 

One of our favorite projects was rebranding the umbrella company, Isabella Smith, itself. We were inspired by the fabulous Danish chateau that Isabella Smith calls home base, and designed a quirky, imperfect, hand-drawn logo that references her country roots. Other stand out projects are seed package designs, tablecloths, branding for a new home goods brand, and dish soap packaging. It’s always a joy to work with Isabella and her team, and we look forward to many more projects to come!


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